Getting started!

Getting Started

  1. To get started with StoryGenius, you need to first add a child to your profile, who’d be the star of the story. You can do this here.
  2. Go to Create story page and click on New Story.
  3. Select the child you want to create a story for.
  4. Next, you need to choose a storyline.
    • Select the storyline you like from our suggestions
    • Or you can create your own storyline by entering your idea in the textbox.
  5. Click on Use this Story.
  6. We will start creating your story and preview a cover page with a character based on your child’s pic.
  7. Next, you can pay to generate the whole story.
  8. After payment, you will be taken to storyboard, here you can:
    • Quick generate your story to auto-create illustrations for all the pages with default values
    • Or, you can review composition for each page to guide AI in the process of generating illustrations.
  9. Once illustrations of all pages are ready, you can click on Preview button to see your story and share with the world!